Commercial Break

Imagine having to start your acting career playing the younger brother of this frightful beast:


That’s precisely the handicap from which Ryan Reynolds has been attempting to recover for over a quarter of a century, and I must admit he’s done a very impressive job.  But like most Hollywood success stories, fame comes at a price.  Whether one’s poison is alcohol, cocaine, heroin, gambling, promiscuity or Toon Blast, addiction touches us all, as Ryan so courageously illustrates in the following PSAs:


4 thoughts on “Commercial Break

  1. What the fuck is Toon Blast?
    Oh, it’s a PA-RO-DY, a stand-in for addiction to sushi-floor scum snorting. Or janitor closet chem-huffing. Or my personal favorite, something I’ve only heard of, no, really: the shotglass shooting of distillation of bikini-bottoms soaked in KY, collected from try-on-rooms from WetSeal. (I read that in a AA rag, in Duluth, when I visited my uncles who farms emus, part-time.)
    Poor Ryan, I’ve got a corpse carp pool he can come soak in when he’s feeling really, really low.

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    1. Toon Blast is a silly game played on one’s phone and Deadpool is its actual spokesman. I just find the ads funnier than most and it was a way to post something quick and effortless that’s tangentially related to Fifteen.


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