Canada Wins Again!

I feel obligated to provide some entertaining filler to tide you over while I take a brief respite before diving into Season 2.  Here’s a grown-ass man that’s so enamored with the show that he felt the need to film himself singing its praises through a thick cloud of marijuana smoke and post it on YouTube.  Incidentally, this stereotypical stoner agrees with my assessment that Matt and Ashley broke up in episode 7, so suck it, Ian Weir.  Enjoy and try not to hurt yourself:


9 thoughts on “Canada Wins Again!

    1. Isn’t he great? Besides the fact that he and I are in agreement aboot Matt and Ashley’s mid-season breakup, he also echoed my oft-repeated “Poor Jake” line, and referred to Filth Pig as “that dumpy motherfucker!” But it seems as though he isn’t aware of the fact that Billy is Deadpool or he surely would have mentioned that.

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